National Health Safety Month

Many of us are aware of the dangers on the job or during our daily routine in general. Some jobs are much more dangerous than other jobs, but each comes with its own set of dangers. This is the same when it comes to our daily routines. These dangers can range from being the only one working at the front desk at night or working with big machinery. Jogging with our child near a busy street or going grocery shopping. Whatever the risks might be at your work, during your daily routine, what have you, National Health Safety Month exists to bring awareness to these risks and what we as a society can do to minimize those in general. The focus each June is usually on pinpointing the highest causes of injury or death while on the job, in the home, etc. and reducing those incidents.

What is the Focus for 2019?

As mentioned, each year, there’s a specific focus on major issues that need awareness. Of course, there is an endless list of risks that could pop up in our daily lives. However, each one can’t be focused on and covered thoroughly each year. Because of this, organizations like to pinpoint some of the more leading issues that are currently involved in the health and safety of persons on a daily basis. For the month of June, a topic is chosen for each week. This year, the topics are slips, trips and trips, fatigue and impairment, and hazard recognition.

What Can I Do to Help?

Being aware of safety and how it involves not only ourselves but others in our life shouldn’t be limited to the month of June. This month is simply dedicated to reminding all of us how important safety is on a daily basis. The best way to help is to not only brush up on safety tips specifically connected to your daily routine and work environment but, to spread awareness that others should be doing this as well. Here are a few examples of how you can make a difference.

  • If you have a platform, such as social media, blog, or website, to influence people, use it to bring awareness. You can do this by making a post or writing an article covering the topics for the year.
  • You can distribute the materials provided by the official National Safety Month community that covers the topics being focused on for the year.
  • Guide people to the Safe at Work Pledge.
  • If you have the ability to do so, provide or make it mandatory this month for employees to take a refresher class on safety within their workplace.
  • Hold a contest or information session in your neighborhood about safety within your specific area.
  • Teach your children about the safety topics chosen for the year and instruct them on what to do if they ever run into the situation.

As mentioned, safety is important all year round. However, National Health Safety Month exists to remind us just how important it is to stay brushed up on safety in general. Sometimes, if an incident hasn’t happened in a while, we grow lax on our focus for safety. Don’t let this happen to you or your loved ones. Use the month of June to keep all those around you informed, including yourself.