Since December is the biggest gift-giving month out of the year, it’s important to not forget about safety when purchasing toys and gadgets for the children in our lives this holiday season. It can be easy to forget about safety when you are excited to buy that perfect gift, but you have to take the necessary precautions to keep kids safe. Toy safety has improved throughout the years, but we are still responsible for picking out age approbate gifts that are safe.

What is National Safe Toys and Gifts Month About?

The biggest focus of National Safe Toys and Gifts month is to remember to keep safety in mind as we shop for all the little ones in our lives. Be sure to buy appropriate gifts for the child’s age and skill level. Always remember too immediately discard plastic wrapping or another packaging. Battery charging toys should be supervised by adults.  Toys are intended to be fun and enjoyable; this December remember to keep safety in mind when purchasing them.

Tips and Information

Always pay attention to the recommended age ranges given on toys.  Make sure the age and skill level marked on the item matches the age and skill level of the child you’re buying for. When in doubt, buy a gift that is for their age or below to be safe.

Always inspects them first. Avoid toys with sharp edges or parts that can be easily pulled off. For children younger than age three, avoid toys with small parts, which can cause choking. Read all warnings and instructions on the box. If you are buying gifts that will get the kids to play outside and be active, make sure to include the proper safety gear that is appropriate for the gift.

Giving gifts is a wonderful thing, but don’t forget the safety of adult ones as well. Some items such as appliances can be hazardous if they are not properly operated. Make sure to always read the instructions before operating them.

Let’s keep the month of December a safe and happy one. Accidents happen, but by following basic guidelines and tips like the ones listed above, we can keep those incidents to a minimum.