Committed to Excellence and Positive Outcomes

SPG is one of healthcare’s leaders of the future. Our team is made up of independent thinkers who understand the emerging healthcare market. We are the ones who develop fresh solutions to the problems patients face. Passion, Innovation, Compassion, and Patient Satisfaction is what our team leaders pass onto every single member of SPG making us the #1 leading healthcare partner and expert in post acute and transitional care.

SPG | Scottsdale Physician Group

Dr. Nima Ghadimi, President

As SPG’s President and Medical Director of Skilled Nursing Facilities, he has focused on continuing to deliver the ultimate patient experience. Dr. Ghadimi continues his journey to enhance the patient experience and deliver positive outcomes through a proven, uniquely designed and innovative care model.

SPG | Scottsdale Physician Group

Valerie Soza, Chief Executive Officer

Valerie received both her Bachelors and Master’s degrees from Arizona State University.  Valerie has experienced varied work roles across the continuum of Social Services throughout the Phoenix area.  Her clinical knowledge base is grounded in the medical and mental health arena, primarily in the hospital setting.  She brings with her a skill set that allows her to maintain physician relationships, payer relationships and community relations.

SPG | Scottsdale Physician Group

Pani Ghadimi, Chief Operations Officer

Pani has been with Scottsdale Physicians Group since 2003.  Pani maintains the day to day business operations of SPG.  Pani oversees the organization and management of staff duties and roles.

Patrick Hayden, Revenue Cycle Manager

Patrick Hayden, MBA received his Bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University, and his Master’s degree from University of Phoenix. He has experience from both the payer and physicians side with revenue cycle management with various companies in the Metropolitan Phoenix area as a consultant and practice administrator.

SPG | Scottsdale Physician Group

Raad Hindosh, MD,

Senior Vice President of SPG, SPG Hospice and Telemedicine Program
Medical Director, CMO of Scottsdale Physician Group
Medical Director of Hospitalist Program at Honor Health, Scottsdale Shea Hospital

Awarded the “Honorary Physician Award for Nurse’s Week” in May 2013, Dr. Hindosh is recognized for his collaborative efforts and the implementation of multi-disciplinary rounding.