August is back to school month which means the amount of checkups being handed out to children has gone up exponentially. August 4th-August 10th, 2019 is Health Center Week which focuses on recognizing the health centers and the community they provide for their surrounding citizens. Children’s Health Day is August 10th, which collides with Health Center Week on purpose. This is because many children rely on their local health center for their primary care.

What is the Health Center Week?

Health Center Week exists to bring light to the job that your local community centers, housing centers, migrant centers, etc. are doing. In other words, to spread the word about the services they provide and how people can help if they don’t need those services but have pride in their community and want to lend a hand. It’s a time for community health centers to speak out about their model and what they provide and in what manner they provide it in.

What is Children’s Health Day?

Did you know that over eight million children get their main level of care from a community health center? This means health centers are vital to a great number of children’s health across America. Children’s Health Day is to bring awareness to all that community health centers can provide children as they’re headed back to school. Many of these centers will provide book drives, well-child checks, and many other events to help a child be at their healthiest and happiest when starting school. Many children start school without the proper preparation, especially medical, and this can be cause for a great many risks. For example, if a child starts school without the proper immunizations, there is a laundry list of illnesses they could end up with. Many may not know the services a community health center provide and they may not know that one even exists in their area. Between Children’s Health Day and Health Center Week, awareness can be spread far and wide, changing lives, especially those little ones, for the better.

Of course, back to school isn’t the only time a community health center will provide amazing services. They exist to help children and families with cost-effective and easily accessible care as it’s needed. However, back to school is the perfect time to bring awareness to the importance of a child’s health and the resources that are available to families in order to keep that health in tip-top shape.

This year, National Health Center Week is partnering with Sesame Street in Communities in order to use their ability for laughter and fun to educate children and families. What better way for children and parents to learn about vital health routines than with a classic such as Sesame Street? If you would like to read more about National Health Center Week in connection with Children’s Health Day, you can read more about it on the official website HERE!