National Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying has been an issue since this world began. However, it seems that bullying has been taken to an entirely new level now that technology has become so advanced. Bullying statistics are through the roof and continuing to rise. Change will only occur if we take a stand. You don’t have to stand alone, especially during National Bullying Prevention Month. This month exists to raise awareness of the bullying issue plaguing our societies and what we can do to put a stop to it.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you’re an adult, the best way to get involved is to educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of bullying. That includes being able to pick out bullies as well as those being bullied alike. Bullying often occurs among school-aged children more than anything. Statistics show that when adults act quickly and effectively early on in a bullying situation, it results in a more effective deterrent. In other words, the situation is diffused more easily and more quickly, along with a returning issue rarely being a problem. This means that as an adult, you have the ability to make one of the biggest changes around you. Teach yourself, teach your children, and take a stand immediately upon hearing about a bullying situation. Learn about the best steps to taking care of a bullying situation and help your children learn how to deal with a bully and to speak up.

Research Resources – If you would like to learn more in-depth information on bullying, this link will take you to the official government website where they offer this information. Included is a guide for helping a child after a bullying situation, how to spot signs, how to report it or intervene, and how children of all ages can take a stand or protect themselves. Included is also infographics on bullying which help to bring the issue home in terms of learning how much of a problem it is.

Info for Teens – Since teens account for a high percentage of the bullying issue in the US, it’s only appropriate that they be fully educated on what they can do as well. It’s not just about what the adults can do, but what the kids can do to make a change as well. This link is specifically formatted to speak straight to teens about what they can do to make a change. Further, it gives them information on how to handle a bully situation they may be involved in. 

Bullying is no joke and it doesn’t work to just tell kids to toughen up or simply hit back. It takes a lot more than that to truly bring about change. It’s important to note that bullying doesn’t just occur among children, it can be happening in the workplace, at church, etc. Bullying stretches far and wide and it’s important that we all take a stand to end its rule.