August is a big month and contains quite an excitable time for many. However, due to busy schedules, so many things are left forgotten that shouldn’t be. One of these important topics to remember is eye exams. With children going back to school, it’s more important than ever to ensure their eyesight doesn’t get in the way of their learning. Not to mention, parents driving children all over creation for school events and extracurricular activities need to ensure they’re providing a safe ride.

What is National Eye Exam Month?

Many of us are no strangers to poor eyesight. However, did you know that many people have no idea they are suffering from poor eyesight? So many Americans suffer on a daily basis because they just don’t know what the issues they’re suffering with could be resulting from their eyes. For example, a child can’t read a school board and fails to write down vital notes for a test. This same child complains of headaches. The parents, thinking their child is young and can’t possibly have bad eyesight, writes it off as the child is tired and moves on. Another example, say a businessman who sits at his computer all day has trouble reading signs on the way home and sees colors in a smeared manner. He writes it off as really tired eyes and never thinks about the fact that his eyesight might be suffering.

National Eye Exam Month exists to bring awareness to the importance of a regular eye exam. It’s vital that people of all ages get a regular eye exam to ensure they can see properly. There is a laundry list of issues that can result from having poor eyesight. Many of these issues deal with unsafe conditions or failing at school or a job. All of this can be avoided if an eye exam is received at regular intervals.

National Eye Exam Month also exists to bring awareness to eye health and eye safety in general. For example, not wearing eye protection in tanning beds or while working in a factory opens up for a high level of risk for eye injuries. National Eye Exam Month has a focus of spreading education about eye health and safety for people of all ages.

How Can I Help?

The best way to help is to educate yourself on the matter and spread the word. A quick Google search will provide you with all the information and handouts you need to help get the word out. You’ll also find graphics and other step-by-step guides for various matters concerning eye health and safety. If you have a platform you can speak from such as social media or a blog, use that to speak to people around the world. You never know whose life you could be changing by speaking up about your own eye health.