Prostate cancer is a common form of cancer that many people are aware of. However, how much do you know about the finer details of prevention or treatment? For any form of cancer, disease, health problem, etc. the best way to fight it is prevention. This is why awareness days and months exist; to educate anyone and everyone on keeping themselves and loved ones healthy and prepared.

What is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month?

Did you know that prostate cancer plagues over 3 million men around the world every year? That’s a huge number fighting such a horrible disease. Prostate Cancer Awareness Month exists to educate men and women alike on the prevention, treatment, and statistics related to prostate cancer. With ever advancing technologies and the constant research going into prostate cancer research, since 1993, the number of deaths caused by prostate cancer has dropped over 50%. This month is in place in order to see that number continue to fall. If more people learn about prevention, the easier it will be to keep the number of sufferers at a minimum. The more research is funded, there more lives can be saved.

What is the Ribbon Color for Prostate Cancer?

The ribbon color for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is blue. However, lavender is an all encompassing color when it comes to cancer in general, no matter the type. Displaying a ribbon is a great way to bring awareness. Many people know that a colored ribbon stands for something and that the person displaying it is either supporting the cause or is a survivor. This often leads people to ask questions and opens up for a discussion on the topic. Displaying a blue ribbon can create opportunities to spread the word about prostate cancer facts along with prevention tactics.

What Can I Do to Help?

If you’re a male, the best way to help is by getting tested and following prevention guidelines yourself. Then, branch out to those around you and urge them to do the same. This can be done whether you’re male or female. Over the age of 65 sees an increase in risk for prostate cancer. In fact, over 60% of prostate cancer cases are over the age of 65. Many men live with this disease without knowing it and could be cured if they simply went for a regular checkup. However, men are known for being stubborn which often ends up being one of the bigger issues. On average, if prostate cancer is caught in its early stages, men won’t suffer any symptoms and can be cured. There are resources available in order for you to help bring awareness to family friends, coworkers, and even your community. You can also take part in fundraisers to help support research.

This is why awareness is so important. Spreading the word about prevention is the easiest and best way to help your loved ones avoid getting prostate cancer. Many may not realize what a high risk they’re under. This is why Prostate Cancer Awareness Month exists so that education can be spread far and wide in hopes that men everywhere can benefit from it.