Remote Patient Monitoring

Want the ability to manage chronic illnesses from home but also to make sure the Providers have accurate and up to date data real time? The ability for Providers to see something before it happens? Then you want Remote Patient Monitoring.

UTC now offering Remote Patient Monitoring for all patients

  • Monitoring Patients in between care/visits.
  • The ability to achieve controlled care from home.
  • More frequent and accurate data that is real time as it happens.
  • The sense of calm knowing your family members are being monitored when you can’t, by their providers.
  • Patients and families save time by not needing to physically attend a visit but Providers can immediately be notified of an emergency such as a heart attack or stroke or a diabetic emergency.

Monitoring for the following:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Oxygen levels and heart rate
  • Covid and Covid symptoms (Temperatures, oxygen, all Covid symptoms)
  • Weight and nutrition
  • Glucose levels