On Thursday, April 7th, hundreds of structures around the United States, like bridges, stations, various buildings, were shining in blue lights to honor and support health care providers (doctors and nurses) that are on the frontline, battling COVID-19.

This wasn’t only a sign of support towards the healthcare profession, this was also a nationwide ‘Thank You’ to all of them.

New York was truly the ‘greatest’ participant in this campaign, with over 100 buildings and more than 400 venues shined bright in blue lights. Starting at 8p.m. buildings like Madison Square Garden, Broadway marquees, One World Trade Center… all lit up in blue. Not something you see every day and the sight was beautiful. Of course we cannot and should not forget other cities as well such as Kansas City, Chicago and many more.

The campaign organizer, Michael Fiur, said “We hope it just creates this giant hug for all the health care workers and essential workers”.

This might be a small contribution, but it needed to happen to show the gratitude and importance of all those men and women that work tirelessly night and day, risking their lives, not seeing their family and friends in order to save others. Something truly remarkable and heroic!

The significance of this campaign is more than in the ‘thank you’ for healthcare workers. We are all doing our best to practice social distancing, isolate and to contribute as much as possible to ease the workload on our health care system.

By practicing social distancing and self-isolation in order to flatten the curb of the epidemic, we can’t help but feel the effect that lack of human touch. We are all used to it, no matter if we’re shaking hands of our co-worker, hugging our friends / family and loved ones.

For those that are quarantining alone or with other that they can’t have physical contact with, the increasing loneliness can become a health concern. And let’s not forget those that need to stay in their homes at all time.

‘Painting’ the cities blue is not only symbolic (because scrubs and healthcare uniforms are mostly light blue) but it’s also has a significant psychological effect.

Many psychologists believe (and this has been well-established) that blue is the color of the mind and that it is a vital element in creating a calming and soothing environment. The color blue is associated with intelligence, trust, communication, calm etc. which are all positive emotions that we should have right now, during this difficult time.

The other goal with the blue color is to mimic the sky and provide some sense of ‘openness’ and freedom to all those that are in quarantine or self-isolation without a possibility to leave their homes for a walk or a run in the middle of the day.

The organizers hope that this will be just the beginning of a small, yet significant start of a much wider campaign where they will not only pay tribute to the heroes of the healthcare system, but they will also provide some relief and comfort to the others, affected by this epidemic.