There are times that some patients may end up dealing with more than one major medical issue. This means they could run into problems with remembering to take medicines at the right time, keeping up on updates for those medications, refilling them, etc. On top of that, doctors may end up making mistakes which cause negative drug interactions to occur or may forget and not inform a patient to keep two of their drugs spread apart, etc. This is where Medication Therapy Management comes in. If a patient qualifies, they are automatically enrolled. They, along with their doctor, are notified and given information on the program, which is free.

What is Medication Therapy Management?

This program was specifically designed for those that have multiple conditions and that take multiple medications for those conditions. As mentioned above, medications can interact with each other causing more harm than good. The MTM program is available to ensure that the medications a patient is on is actually furthering their health and not holding them back. On top of this, a person who qualifies for this program will have the chance to go over all of their medications with a highly trained pharmacist. They are able to ask any questions they have about their current medications, and the pharmacist will cover, in detail, the important information they need to know on their current medications. They will also cover the cost and any savings they may have the chance for, concerning their current medicine list.

Who Qualifies for the MTM Program?

There are three different ways a patient can qualify for this program.

  1. If a patient spends more than $4,044 per year on medications
  2. A patient has at least three chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or arthritis
  3. A patient takes 8 or more medications a day that are covered by Medicare Part D

A patient doesn’t have to wonder if they’re covered or not. If they qualify, they’re automatically placed into the program and sent information. A patient doesn’t have to take part in this program and can opt out whenever they like. The program is free and doesn’t cost a penny to those who qualify. MTM is a great tool in order for patients to know and understand their medications and costs a bit better if desired. To clarify, personalized information is given over the phone and also sent in the mail so a patient has it for their records just in case they need to go back over it in the future. Continued updates and savings on medications are given to patients as well so they may be up-to-date on any of their medicines.

With multiple medications, there is plenty of room for error and misunderstanding between a patient and their physician. The MTM program is like a go between in order to ensure both patient and physician are on the same page. Plus, a patient often times can feel in the dark about their medications and exactly what they do for them. This way, a patient is knowledgeable about what’s going into their bodies and how it can help them without feeling blind to their care.