Alzheimer’s is a sad and debilitating disease that plagues many, especially older adults. There’s nothing worse than watching a loved one slowly drift away due to this disease. They become a shell of themselves and eventually, a different person altogether. It’s even harder on those who care for a loved one on a consistent basis with this disease. However, with this disease comes a lot of stigmas and misinformation. World Alzheimer’s Month seeks to correct these issues and raise awareness concerning dementia.

What is World Alzheimer’s Month?

The entire month of September is dedicated to bringing awareness to Alzheimer’s. It began back in 2012 and has quickly grown each year. Alzheimer’s Day, specifically, is September 21st. It feels like there is little information on this horrible disease and it feels hopeless once a loved one has been diagnosed because of this. Alzheimer’s Disease International states that 2 out of 3 people feel there is little to no information on dementia in their country. This shouldn’t be the case. However, it’s now a global issue and the month of September is set aside for educating people across the world about dementia.

How Can I Help?

Donating to research and the organizations who spread education about Alzheimer’s is a great way to start. Educating yourself and bringing awareness to those around you on a daily basis is another wonderful starting point. However, if you would like to be even more active in the cause, putting together events and information sessions is extremely helpful. If you go to World Alzheimer’s Month’s website, you can download banners, fliers, and toolkits to help you in your endeavors. They provide in-depth reports on all areas of Alzheimer’s including ways to help those who care for someone with the condition. Statistics are always useful when bringing awareness and they provide quite a few of those as well.

Facts About Alzheimer’s

Sadly, over 80% of people interviewed by the World Alzheimer’s Month organization feared they would get the disease. On top of that, 1 out of 4 felt there was absolutely nothing that could be done once it had taken hold. Further, 62% of those interviewed believed dementia was just a normal part of aging.

These issues, plus more, are all the stigmas and misinformation World Alzheimer’s Month seeks to eradicate. There is also a strong focus on providing more support for those that care for loved ones with the condition. This is because carers often gain mental and physical issues when caring long term for a loved one. Prevention and early diagnosis is important since both of these are the biggest key to fighting the disease. That’s where awareness comes in and that’s why World Alzheimer’s Month exists.